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Chiropractors and Medicine

Below are some enquiries you may have about chiropractic care and medicine. If your question is not answered here, please contact us at Courtyard Chiropractic directly and we will be happy to answer it.

Q. What is the difference between medical doctors and chiropractors?

A. That is similar to asking the difference between a physician and a dentist: they are different professions within the health care spectrum. Both chiropractors and physicians are legally entitled to use the title “doctor”. Both have the right to diagnose, and are primary contact heath care professionals. As the designation MD means “Doctor of Medicine”, so DC means “Doctor of Chiropractic”.
The role of chiropractic is complementary to other areas of primary health care. Chiropractic is not, for example, a replacement for medical care, but may offer an alternative to medication and surgery in appropriate circumstances. Chiropractors are well trained to understand when medical intervention is needed.

Q. Do chiropractors refer patients to medical doctors when necessary?

A. Yes. Like medical doctors, chiropractors refer patients to other health professionals when they feel it is appropriate. Chiropractors are well trained to recognize risk factors as well as individual disease patterns and will not hesitate to make a referral when it is in the best interest of the patient’s health.

Q. Do I need a referral from an MD to see a Chiropractor?

A. No. A patient does not have to be referred. Chiropractors are legislated as primary contact health care professionals in every province in Canada. This means that patients can consult them directly. In unusual circumstances, your extended insurance may require a physician’s referral for chiropractic care and more often, for custom made orthotics.

Q. Do chiropractors take a medical history?

A. Yes, the chiropractor will take a detailed health history during the first visit, prior to the first treatment. This will include details on lifestyle and risk factors to give the chiropractor a full picture of the patient’s health to help determine how to focus the examination. As well, a detailed health history is important to rule out any contraindications to treatment and to fully investigate risk factors before a diagnosis and treatment recommendation can be reached. Print out our new patient form here.

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A. The answer is often Yes! As an informed patient, you should ask “What is in my doctor’s tool bag?” when deciding what type of practitioner to see. Chiropractors see patients through a slightly different lens than medical doctors do. Sometimes there are no medical interventions that would help a patient who is perhaps more suited to chiropractic interventions. If you are unsure if your condition might be helped by chiropractic care, drop us a line, or book a free consultation to find out if chiropractic care might be for you. Let us inspire you to want more from your health.

Q. Should I consider chiropractic care even when taking pain medication seems to manage my symptoms?

A. Yes. Pain medication is sometimes a valuable tool in improving your quality of life. These medications cover up the pain caused by an underlying condition, and ideally should only be used in the short term. Chiropractic care, if appropriate to the diagnosis, will be aimed at alleviating the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. As the condition improves, and the body is able to heal, often medication can be cut back or eliminated entirely.

Q. Do Chiropractors prescribe medication?

A. No. Chiropractic is a drug-free, natural and safe health care intervention. Medication, although sometimes necessary, is not a part of the chiropractic philosophy. Chiropractors are well trained and continue their education in nutrition, lifestyle factors, and natural supplements. They use these tools whenever possible to inspire patients to reach a higher level of health, naturally. Read more about some of our products that can help ease pain and speed your healing, naturally.

Q. Do Doctors see Chiropractors for care?

A. Absolutely. More and more, MD’s are not only referring their patients to chiropractors, but they are accessing this safe and natural care for themselves. Like anyone, doctors are susceptible to the daily strains of life and to the symptoms of wear and tear. Spinal health is for everyone!

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