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Break Free From TV Challenge!!

Are you ready to take on a RADICAL CHALLENGE with us and go TV-FREE for 30 days?!?

Join us! Sarah & Dr. Kyra already started Tuesday August 29th…. Jump in, the water is just fine. We’ll give you til Tuesday September 5th to get prepared and wrap your head around this amazing opportunity …. The 1st day of school is a great day to start a new chapters! Sign up in clinic, comment on social media & JOIN US TV-FREE!

Consider the amount of time you and your family spend ingesting major media, especially TV. If you believe as many do that TV is the source of many emotional and psychological imbalances, try a radical concept that’s gaining popularity: Go TV-free for 30 days. We are going to sweeten the pot and include going Netflix-Free…
toddlers_and_television-e1330123006226We all know that TV leads to mindless eating, poor food choices, the tendency to chow down while binge watching your latest Netflix addiction, sitting all evening after sitting all day…. and all the resulting detrimental acute and chronic health effects, including an increased risk of juvenile diabetes!
Have you noticed changes in your children’s personalities? Do you notice that time seems to slip away from you? Has the contentment and peace you once enjoyed vanished? Have you experienced contentment and peace? Our marketing-driven 24/7 “breaking news” system can cause stress, anxiety, depressive moods and disconnection from our fellow humans and surroundings.
You may be a bit bored at first—it will pass. Get creative! Get your kids, family members and friends to help make a list of things to do, places to go & people to see. Soon you’ll find your family taking hikes, playing games, chatting more, going to the gym instead of, listening to music and enjoying more active, healthy lives!

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