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What to Expect

Welcome to our compassionate, safe, judgement-free zone!
We recognize that everyone is on a personal journey. Regardless of your history, current health, nutritional status, challenges, and level of activity, we are here to support you. Each of our team members is on their own health journey, having overcome many different challenges themselves (100 pound weight loss, significant injuries, emotional health concerns), and love helping, drawing from the wisdom, research and healing that has come from their experiences. From inactive to athletic, from infant to pregnant to senior, we are here to help guide and educate you in your body’s healing process and health optimization.

We maintain and enforce a Scent Free Zone:
Due to allergies and reactions, Centenary Hospital and our clinic enforce a scent free zone. Please do not wear perfumes/ colognes or scented body cream to our clinic. It is our priority to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. Thank you in advance!

Last Minute Cancellations and Missed Appointments:
48 hours’ notice is required for Initial Chiropractic Assessment appointment changes.
24 hours’ notice is required for all other appointment changes.
We reserve specific appointment times specially for you, and for all of our patients. Out of respect for all patients’ time and care, and the time of our care providers, last minute and missed appointment charges will apply.

Take a Virtual Tour of Our Clinic: find out where you are going before you arrive.

Courtyard Chiropractic Health Centre welcomes you!

Welcome take a virtual tour of our office!

Your First Visit

What people say: “After my first visit, I felt so informed, comfortable and confident that I had chosen the right place!”

Initial Visit Form: Your intake form must be complete in advance of your appointment! Please COMPLETE your comprehensive health history form and EMAIL it to us. All of this information is integral to us being able to provide you the best possible care and follow up advice.

For children under 16 years of age a Pediatric Form must be used, and parent/guardian consent will be obtained. Please have this filled out at home before your initial visit, if at all possible.

Your doctor and team will review your history, current situation and health goals, then perform a comprehensive examination, which includes a number of tests and tools appropriate to your unique situation. They will share their clinical findings and recommend a custom care plan of visits to the clinic and things for you to do at home, work and/or school. You’ll be emailed your prescribed home program. We may also recommend ergonomic changes and simple lifestyle shifts that can make a world of difference in your experience, healing and results!

  • Postural assessment
  • Gait analysis
  • Range-of-motion testing
  • Orthopedic tests
  • Neurological assessment
  • Muscle testing
  • Spinal joint mechanics testing
  • Flexibility testing

If X-rays are necessary, you will be provided with a requisition and instructions on how and where to get them done. If diagnostic imaging has already been done for you, we will request your reports.

Subsequent Visits

Our staff will get you set up for success in one of our care rooms, then your doctor will walk you through your first adjustment step by step answering any questions you have along the way.


Convenient and on-time clinic visits will be scheduled for you. Early morning, evening and Saturday appointments make booking easy. Click here for our current clinic schedule.

Types of Care

Why do people come for care? Drug free pain relief, posture correction, stress & strain relief, health & lifestyle promotion, injury prevention and recovery, sports performance, pregnancy, healthy baby and childhood check-ups.

Symptoms can be tricky. Your body is designed to survive rather than thrive. It can take a long time for symptoms to show up, even if something hasn’t been functioning well or is out of balance. This makes symptoms an unreliable indicator of your actual health. Even if you feel like you’ve just got some usual aches and pains, you may be over-taxing your body only to pay the price later… You really CAN feel good as you grow older… Chiropractic care can be a tremendous “aging gracefully” tool.

Types of care we offer:

  • Acute injury care
  • Symptom relief care
  • Corrective care (allowing your body to heal and re-train old patterns to help achieve long lasting results)
  • Maintenance care (maintaining your current level of function, helping keep symptoms at bay)
  • Wellness & Prevention (supporting your vitality and wellness so you feel as great as you want to, combating the inevitable daily stressors that come along with repetitive activities like carrying kids, device use, driving, computer jobs, sitting or standing for long periods etc.)

We accept MVA and WSIB claims

Health Promotion

You may be surprised how easy to make a few simple changes in your life. Let’s get started! From postural tips to smoking cessation, to weight management, our passionate team of can help you to have breakthroughs you want now! Align yourself with better health, come see our care providers today!

We would love to discuss any questions you might have about coming to our office.
Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION at (416) 724-7888.