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Courtyard Chiropractic Health Centre Reviews


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  • I’m a previous patient after more than 10 years of Chiropractic care. I’m looking forward to the wellness and healthcare that Dr. Gerber has to offer to help in me ongoing management of my health.

    -Angleen C.
  • So good that I naturally tell people about my positive experiences at Courtyard Chiropractic!

    -Henry L.
  • Super intelligent doctor. Figured out my problem super fast and on point without any actual testing done. Beyond my expectations.

    -Fatima W.
  • It has been an overall positive experience. Dr. Kyra and Sarah are very welcoming and knowledgeable. With every treatment/adjustment my flexibility has improved and my neck tension is gone. Very happy with Dr. Gerber’s care!

    -Roseanne C.
  • I feel very comfortable and confident with Kyra taking care of my healthcare needs!

    -Clare D.
  • Go see Dr. Gerber if you have back pain problems, she’ll straighten you out and ease the pain. Jh

    - John H.
  • Feel I’ve found my forever Chiropractor!

    -Michelle E.
  • This chiropractor and her team make me realize how much time I wasted at other clinics. A change is always good. My treatment with Dr. Kyra was very different and give immediate relief after my first visit.

    -Karen M.
  • Dr. Kyra and Sarah are both amazing!

    -Jane S.
  • My first visit to the clinic was absolutely amazing, I felt like I was in good hands and that’s what i wanted!

    -Assad S.
  • Very impressed – extremely knowledgeable , professional all in a positive and comforting environment. Keep up the super work!

    -Pam P.
  • This is such a gem to find and continue to heal inside and out.

    -Tricia S.
  • The office was very clean. The staff was very knowledgeable and I liked how they addressed me by my name. The “vibe” was amazing and unlike any other Doctor’s office I have been to.

    -Jennifer W.
  • Very caring team of staff and doctor.

    -Habib U.
  • I would highly recommend Dr Gerber.

    -Gilles G.
  • I am super happy with my choice on coming to this lovely clinic and I am enjoying my experience and journey to achieve a better wellness.

    -Daniel O.
  • Thank you, Marla! I’m feeling better. Looking forward to my next appointment.

    -Maria P.
  • The care team is always professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I always love going to Courtyard for my treatment and am so happy to be back.

    -Melissa R.
  • Felt very welcome and comfortable.

    -Rob L.
  • The treatment went very well. Thanks!

    -Sriandal S.
  • GREAT, love your approach and I am looking forward to being able to compare my on going results with the tests recorded at the beginning!

    -Robert P.
  • Very warm and welcoming environment. I was made to feel very comfortable right away.

    -Cris S.
  • So happy to have found Courtyard Chiropractic! Dr. Kyra Gerber and her team are absolutely fantastic. Expert professionals, deeply caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, and above all, friendly.

    -Dustin F.
  • So far I feel more better result. Means doctor assessment is perfect. Thumbs up.

    -Francis M.
  • I liked you guys so much I recommended my wife come see you and she has an appointment now

    -David G.
  • You guys are amazing!

    -Mohammad B.
  • Dr. Gerber and Sarah have been amazing in my healing process. Thank you both.

    -Yojana R.
  • I would like to let you know, first, that I received best support and healing I ever had. I am very thankful for your help. I would love to continue to be part of the team, who cares about people. You are the best team! Thank you for everything.

    -Karel H.
  • Thank you so much Marla for making my birthday very relaxing! :)

    -Monica F.
  • Best decision I have made is to see a chiropractor and an even better choice is to see Dr Gerber! Awesome family practice and an excellent Chiropractor. Thank you.

    -Evelyn A.
  • My assessment by the Doctor was very accurate. My overall experience was very good.

    -Gaganpreet K.
  • Everything about this clinic is positive, I’ve never felt so welcome and comfortable, nothing else I can say other than a truly amazing experience. Thanks for everything!!!

    -Jenn M.
  • I felt connected and confident that we will build a lasting relationship! Grateful to Dr. Kyra and Sarah!

    -Gladys B
  • You guys rock!! I love the warm friendly atmosphere and appreciated the punctuality, professionalism, and attentiveness to your patents.

    -Jen M.
  • They’re all very friendly! I’m comfortable and always looking forward coming to my appointments! Amazing!

    -Irene V.


Success Stories from Our Patients

Marla is an amazing therapist. She knows and enjoys what she is doing which makes the experience exceptional and worthy. I would recommend Marla to anyone looking for a good massage therapist. I can assure you won’t be disappointed after visiting her. ~ Arzoo V.
I’m really satisfied with my experience so far…and everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. I’am really confident in Dr. Kyra Gerber’s capabilities to make me well. I could feel the difference in my body already. Sure glad I chose Courtyard Chiropractic Health Centre! ~Marie N.
I have never been to a chiro before. I had the initial assesment and I felt amazing after. Perhaps it was the energy from the doctor since I had no adjustments that day. Doctor listened to me and I never felt rushed or ignored. I can’t wait for my first adjustment.~ Amir F.

Knowledgeable and experienced staff who are patient and listen actively making good recommendations. I am confident that I am getting the best treatment to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr Gerber is an excellent professional who cares about the wellness of her patients and will provide good up-to-date information. I am grateful for the guidance I have received over the short period I have been at the clinic.~ Arthur D.

Dr Kyra Gerber and her staff are true professionals dedicated to the wellness of their patients. As my first experience going to a Chiropractor, Dr. Kyra Gerber was very welcoming, kind, and patient – she explains everything thoroughly and makes me feel so comfortable. Sarah, the front desk receptionist is very helpful and friendly. I absolutely love the wellness aspect of this clinic. They all care about their patients and help us meet our health goals by fixing the cause of the problems. I highly recommend Courtyard Chiropractic Health Centre to my family and friends, and to anyone seeking help. Thank you, Dr. Kyra Gerber and staff!~ Rima K.

I love everything about the clinic, I already see results from the adjustments by the awesome Dr. and the friendly staff. Thank you.~ Maria H.

Coming here changed my life not only health-wise but mentally I am glad for the opportunity to come here and learn and grow and get better thank you for the help everything you have done so far for me and in the future.~ Jonathan J.

My son was limping while walking. No fracture but he was limping for 4 days, then I got Dr. Kyra address from the Internet and in just 2 visits my son is walking and running perfectly in the school. This became possible because of Dr. Kyra Gerber, as she set Jay’s leg and hip. So thank you for that. She is amazing.~ Sanjay B.

I was totally floored by how quickly I saw favorable results after just ONE adjustment.~ Al K.

I am glad that I found Dr. Gerber. She doesn’t treat the patient with just “a pain” solution, but prefers to get deep down to the condition and has a well-planned wellness solution and that is what makes me so confident of her and trustworthy for my well being~ Amarjit S.

There’s no better feeling than the doctor and their team understanding your needs and conditions. Excellent would be the word to describe them!~ Yash M.

It was a great experience bringing my 12-year-old dancer daughter to see Dr.Gerber, it was a very informative appointment learned things about myself and my children that I was blown away by, Dr.Gerber is a very educated and well taught Dr. who I would recommend to anyone, and Sara she is awesome too, very friendly and helpful. Bringing my child to see a chiropractor was a hard choice considering that I never knew a child should receive adjustments at such a young age, I am very thankful for them for their way of educating me that everyone deserves adjustments to live to their full potential, my daughter enjoys going twice a week for her adjustments…can not wait until it’s my turn. They’re awesome check them out, you won’t be disappointed!~ Tayjah N.

All the people in your practice are so nice. I feel like you all really care about my well-being and want me to succeed in my wellness goals. I am glad I have found such a great team. Thank you.~ Matt P

“It is tough to get motivated sometimes especially when it comes to self-realization regarding your own health. Spending 20 minutes with Dr. Gerber on my first visit she was so welcoming and passionate it became contagious very fast! I am looking forward to our success.~Ryan C

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