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  • Awesome information and feel very encouraged :-) :-) :-)

    -Saira I.
  • Overall, for my first time experience at a chiropractor it was very informative and reassuring. Positive experience so far. Thanks!

    -Ryan G.
  • I feel very comfortable and confident with Kyra taking care of my healthcare needs!

    -Clare D.
  • GREAT, love your approach and I am looking forward to being able to compare my on going results with the tests recorded at the beginning!

    -Robert P.
  • Very clean facility, excellent staff. Highly recommended.

    -Mike S.
  • Felt very welcome and comfortable.

    -Rob L.
  • Great environment and friendly staff! Everyone is very knowledgeable, attentive, and focused on your health in a holistic manner.

    -Lisa J.
  • Nice office…welcoming staff.

    -Barb S.
  • From the minute I walked through the door I felt like family and not just a $ sign. They ALL care about your well being and successes. Thank you :)

    -Val P.
  • Amazing first experience. I have never felt more comfortable and eager to receive treatment from a Health Care Professional in my life!

    -Aisha A.
  • Staff was Amazing! Recommend for everyone before and after injuries!

    -Nidun C.
  • I’m enjoying my chiropractic care. I am positive that it will help me with my chronic pain and I am feeling better already. Thanks Dr. Gerber!

    -Nobleza D.
  • A great experience!

    -Minette M.
  • This is a welcoming and caring practice I look forward to continuing my healing.

    -Moyra M.
  • I felt cared for the second I walked through the door. The staff is super friendly and very professional. They know what their talking about.

    -Chris F.
  • Very organized, very professionally run office!

    -Norma R.
  • Entire experience was very professional yet friendly. Would rate the entire service as exceptional. Would definitely refer to family and friends.

    -Gloria W.
  • Thank you for seeing me in my time of need, I am fortunate to such an excellent team looking after me and my family.

    -Michel L
  • A great environment in all regards – from appearance/decor to consolation and professionalism.

    -Keven V.
  • Dr. Gerber is amazing and I would strongly recommend to friends and family.

    -Shannon S.
  • Dr Gerber has been truly a blessing, with her coaching to better health, I’ve lost over 60 pounds and I feel like I’m 21 Years old again!

    -Dennis S.
  • I would highly recommend Dr Gerber.

    -Gilles G.
  • Very warm and welcoming environment. I was made to feel very comfortable right away.

    -Cris S.


Success Stories from Our Patients

Dr Kyra Gerber and her staff are true professionals dedicated to the wellness of their patients. As my first experience going to a Chiropractor,Dr Kyra Gerber was very welcoming, kind, and patient – she explains everything thoroughly and makes me feel so comfortable. Sarah, the front desk receptionist is very helpful and friendly. I absolutely love the wellness aspect of this clinic. They all care about their patients and help us meet our health goals by fixing the cause of the problems. I highly recommend Courtyard Chiropractic Health Centre to my family and friends, and to any one seeking for help. Thank you Dr. Kyra Gerber and staff! ~Rima K.
I love everything about the Chiropractic clinic, I already see results from the the adjustments by the awesome Dr. and the friendly staff. Thank you. ~Maria H.
Coming here changed my life not only health wise but mentally I am glad for the opportunity to come here and learn and growth and get better thank you for the help everything you have done so far for me and in the future. ~Jonathan J
My son was limping while walking. No fracture but he was limping for 4 days, then I got Dr Kyra address from Internet and in just 2 visits my son is walking and running perfect in the school. This became possible because of Dr. Kyra Gerber, as she set Jay’s leg and hip. So thank you for that. She is amazing. ~Sanjay B.
“I was totally floored by how quickly I saw favorable results after just ONE adjustment.” ~Al K.
“I am glad that I found Dr. Gerber. She doesn’t treat the patient with just “a pain” solution, but prefers to get deep down to the condition and has a well planned wellness solution and that is what makes me so confident of her and trustworthy for my well being” ~ Amarjit S.
“There’s no better feeling than the doctor and their team understanding your needs and conditions. Excellent would be the word to describe them! ~Yash M.
“It was a great experience bringing my 12 year old dancer daughter to see Dr.Gerber, it was a very informative appointment learned things about myself and my children that I was blown away by, Dr.Gerber is a very educated and well taught Dr. who I would recommend to anyone, and Sara she is awesome too, very friendly and helpful. Bringing my child to see a chiropractor was a hard choice considering that I never knew a child should receive adjustments at such a young age, I am very thankful for them for there way of educating me that everyone deserves adjustments to live to there full potential, my daughter enjoys going twice a week for her adjustments…cannot wait until its my turn…..There awesome check them out, you wont be disappointed!!!!” ~Tayjah N.
“All the people in your practice are so nice. I feel like you all really care about my well being and want me to succeed at my wellness goals. I am glad I have found such a great team. Thank you.” ~Matt P
“It is tough to get motivated sometimes especially when it comes to a self realization regarding your own health. Spending 20 minutes with Dr. Gerber on my first visit she was so welcoming and passionate it became contagious very fast! I am looking forward to our success.” ~Ryan C
“I’m sold – and for the right reasons! The doctor was awesome, she had great energy and I didn’t really feel like I was talking to a “doctor” but more so a very informed person with a lot of passion for her practice. That said, she really knows her stuff! My family and I will continue to see this team as often as we can. Look forward to my next visit. From the bottom of my spine! Thank you! ( .. seriously, my lower back feels amazing!)” ~Matt S.
“This was my very first time seeing a chiropractor and on my first appointment, both the staff and Dr. Gerber were very helpful and nice. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you all for your help.” ~Bryn H.
“Dr. Kyra Gerber is a very good Chiropractor. I know that she will make me feel better. I trust her. She has a good heart too. If you want to get better go to her I am assuring you she can help you. I visited her before when I was having this back pain and I tried everything, medicines, bracelets that says your back pain will be gone. She did one adjustment for me and it’s just a miracle my back pain is gone and I gave away the bracelets that I bought. Try her and you will be happy afterwards. Dr. Gerber cares for her patients.”~Lorna B.
“Absolutely fantastic experience… from the initial phone call on wards. I have never been treated with such caring and respect from any of my previous chiropractic experience. Thanks so much!” ~Darren M.
“Excited to add chiropractic care to my defence against the stress and demands of a fast paced life. I eat well… I’m active but after meeting with Dr. Gerber the light went off as to the potential of having my body aligned and in-tune with my intentions.” ~Trish M.
“It’s just an amazing experience with Dr. Gerber. She is very nice and professional. Her assistant Sarah is a very nice lady too. I am fully confident that I can improve my overall health with their professional help.” ~Xiaoshu L.
“Thanks for taking the time to listen to my concerns and explaining all the test results to me. The personal voice mail message on my birthday was a wonderful surprise.”
~Judy B.
“The Courtyard Chiropractic Team is a key component to my wellness plan and although I am not perfect and do experience setbacks they have so much to offer to encourage me to get back on track. I have never been judged by and continue to be educated and cared for by the Courtyard Chiropractic Team. A heartfelt Thank You to the Courtyard Chiropractic Team!”
~ Karen M.
“I first began seeing Dr. Kyra Gerber for a devastating case of plantar fasciitis (heel pain) a few years ago. She helped me to understand that chiropractic care is about working together towards a mutual goal – good health. I continue to benefit from her holistic and personal approach to healthcare. She is an excellent chiropractor with a passion for her work and always takes a personal interest in my well-being. She has also been an awesome, inspirational mentor. The positive affects regarding my spinal and spiritual health have been immeasurable.”
~ Kathleen P.

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