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Custom Orthotics for Scarborough

Our Scarborough clinic uses the most advanced technology to customize orthotic inserts to suit your individual needs and preference. You will undergo a comprehensive examination to determine your requirements. A foam cast impression of your feet in corrected neutral position is then used in combination with gait analysis to create a custom and comfortable fit.

Scarborough Custom Orthotics

Courtyard Chiropractic Health Centre offers custom made orthotics.

Conditions for which orthotics are prescribed include over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, bunions, flat feet (low arches), high arches, supination, hallux valgus, heel spurs, shin splints, ankle pain, running injuries, repetitive strain, knee pain (patello-femoral syndrome), IT band (ilio-tibial band), hip pain, piriformis syndrome, back pain, headache and arthritis.

The information gathered here is combined with results from a thorough postural assessment, visual and mechanical inspection of your feet and how you walk, and history taking of signs and symptoms.

Effective Treatment Device

Not every orthotic is the same. There are many styles, additions and modifications that can be made to your “one of a kind” custom orthotics that provide you with a truly remarkable and effective treatment device. Information about what types of shoes you wear, level of activity, job description and lifestyle will all go into creating a comfortable and corrective fit!

Insurance Benefits

If you have health insurance, it is helpful to more about your personal coverage and insurance company requirements:

1) Am I covered for Custom Made Orthotics?
2) What is my total yearly coverage? On what date does my coverage renew?
3) How many pairs per year am I allowed?
4) Do I need a prescription to be reimbursed? Who can write this note?
5) Who can make my orthotics? Chiropractor must listed for CCHC to provide your orthotics.

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