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Welcome to Courtyard Chiropractic Health Centre

Scarborough Chiropractor Dr. Kyra Gerber Is Here To Help

With over 25 years of experience, you will feel comfortable and relaxed under the care of Scarborough chiropractor, Dr. Kyra Gerber.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to your individual wellness goals and helping you every step of the way to more vitality and joy! We offer a holistic, individualized approach to your wellness.

In our beautiful, state of the art clinic, your care may include posture analysis and full spine correction, supportive muscle activation, stretching and strengthening home program, nutritional and supplement advice, registered massage therapy, and many proven modalities to improve your function and promote healing.

All the best of this season to you!

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Customized Care For You

You can expect a thorough assessment and care that addresses the root of any imbalances and dysfunction that may be present, removing interference from your nerve system, unleashing your innate ability to heal and perform at your best! Whether you are an elite performer in your field seeking to optimize, you are wanting to improve your overall well-being, you have concerns about an injury or symptoms you are experiencing, we see great results. At Courtyard Chiropractic Health Centre, our holistic approach helps with even the most difficult and chronic of conditions. With Dr. Gerber’s wisdom, years of experience and hundreds of hours in continuing education, we employ several diagnostic procedures and techniques suited to your individual needs.

If you choose, I will guide you on your path to greater well-being. Together, we will discover imbalances, remove interference from your body’s innate healing ability, improve your function and maximize your results through an individualized chiropractic experience.”

Your Family’s Health Is Important to Us

All ages are warmly encouraged to visit us for a check-up, including infants and children. Finding and correcting
common spinal and postural issues early will give your children an incredible health advantage and can prevent
greater issues down the road. Many stubborn adult conditions begin in childhood!

The Wellness Project

Since the launch of our integrated and evolving Wellness Project Program in 2010, we have been engaging
and educating our Practice Members, their family and friends, the hospital community, and greater community.
How we Eat, Move and Think are keys to our success in health, happiness, achieving balance and
maintaining positive lifestyle approaches.

See our Wellness Project Events and Blog for upcoming events.

Get to Know Us

Find out more about us here! We want to share with you all that chiropractic care can do for you regardless of
your age or your condition. Call us today to find out more! (416) 724-7888

Dr. Kyra Gerber Serving Scarborough, Toronto, North York, Pickering & Markham