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Good morning Beautiful, how did you sleep?

How did you sleep last night? How do you usually sleep? Do you wake up feeling rested?

Your body repairs and heals during sleep. Our clients report having their best naps and nights after their chiropractic adjustments! And since your nervous system is in charge of how your muscles act and respond, getting adjusted helps ease muscle tension, relieves pain and discomfort and improves overall function. A good night’s sleep can help optimize mental function, improve energy levels, support immune function, balancing blood sugar levels, and more.

A few questions to ask yourself:

Is my pillow the right size?

  1. If it’s too big or too small, staying in a non-neutral position all night can significantly impact you neck, and in turn the rest of your spine. When you are standing looking straight ahead, your pillow should fill the space between the side of your head and the corner of your shoulder (Acromion). And when you lay on your side, your spine is ideally straight from the top of your neck to your tailbone. It can help to have someone else check this as you are laying on your side.
  2. Is it supportive? Your pillow should be comfortable and supportive such that your head stays in a neutral position as you are laying on your side.
  3. Do you sleep on your stomach? Front sleeping can cause a tremendous amount of neck strain having your head turned all the way to one side or the other for prolonged periods. A more structured pillow can be helpful in helping break this harmful habit. We have found Therapeutica pillows to be very helpful for this, with the added benefit of comfort and snore-reduction.

Is my mattress good for me?

  1. It’s best if your mattress (and pillow) are made of natural materials. Toxins and VOCs in unnatural materials, plastics, flame retardants and adhesives may cause both short and long term negative health effects, confirmed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  2. The right support is key in supporting an ergonomic sleep that supports spinal and whole body health. A company we have great success with is Foamite, a Canadian company that uses natural materials, offers consultations to help you find the right mattress, and they also offer customization. If you and your partner are different heights, weights and perhaps differing pain points, they can even make adjustments to each side of the bed. They even have cooling gel and ventilation to help with hot flashes!

Some tips for getting a good night sleep: dark bedroom, quiet, temperature at a comfortable 20

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