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Gratitude VS Thanksgiving

Cup overflowingWhen asked what the difference is between gratitude and thanksgiving, a wise monk describes Gratitude as having two branches. The first branch is Gratefulness…. This is when we experience the great FULLNESS of life. We feel like a bowl of water that is so full it is brimming, and yet not quite overflowing. We are nearly bursting with joy. We are present to how fortunate we are, and to how our needs are met perfectly. Thanksgiving is the second branch…. When we are so FULL WE OVERFLOW with joy in the knowing how fortunate we are, so fortunate that we are compelled to share our joy, love and wisdom.

We are full and overflowing with GRATITUDE for YOU!!! We thank you for the contribution you are in our lives, our community and our clinic. Your energy and presence make us who we are and allow us to provide love, care  and healing that the world so needs.

Wishing you and yours the very best of health and vitality,

Dr. Kyra, Sarah and Marla

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