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Happy Inspiring Adventure

I love this time of year for all the special connection with loved ones and for many unique moments to practice appreciation and gratitude. In our family, at birthdays and holidays, we like to ask around the table…”What is the best thing from this past year” and “What is the best thing for this coming year”. We are deeply grateful for the health of dear loved ones through dire situations in 2017.  I am also profoundly appreciative of the teachers who have come into our lives that have, and continue to, transform and renew us. Our hearts overflow with love and support for our Practice family members who are spending the holidays for this first time having recently lost the loves of their lives. Their strength, vulnerability and resilience are so moving. All of this helps me to re-focus on our health centre’s Holistic Wellness & Prevention approach.

I welcome 2018 with a renewed vigor, energy and commitment to  allowing our individual and collective expansion, growth and collaboration as a diverse, often surprising, always inspiring, entertaining, challenging, supportive, like-minded community. In a recent blog, we explore how we choose to respond to challenges in our lives. This year, with your help, I hope to gain better clarity: What is wellness? What is the difference between happiness and joy? How can we create the world we wish to live in?

May we bring to each moment a sense of opportunity. And may we greet each opportunity with creativity, curiosity, love and openness and the expectation of accomplishment, abundance and joy in every way possible. Happy New Year!

With profound love and respect,




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