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Love your pillow?!?

Choosing the best pillow can be daunting …. And errors can be costly. Many of us can relate to having a collection of pillows that don’t work for us. What is it the right size? What firmness is best? What material?

What are your sleep goals?

  • Reduce snoring
  • Reduce low back
  • Less hip or knee pain
  • Re-train tummy-sleeping (a sure-fire way to cause neck pain and dysfunction)
  • Reduce tossing and turning

How are your sleep ergonomics? Ask a friend to check…

When you lie on your side:

  • Does your neck look straight/neutral?
  • Or is your head tilting up or down?
  • Is your shoulder crunched under you?
  • Do you sleep with your arm under your head or neck?

When you lie on your back:

  • Is your head tilting forward or back?
  • Is there space between your chin and chest?
  • Do you wake up with your head tilted to one side or the other?
  • Do you snore?

Do you have hip or knee pain? Try these tricks:

  • When side lying, try a skinny pillow or some of your comforter between your knees/legs
  • When back lying, try a pillow under your knees

Are you a tummy-sleeper? There is no way to achieve a good neck position if you sleep facing forward with your neck cranked in one direction or the other! Try these tricks to re-train yourself to sleep on your side or back:

  • Use a hugger pillow as you side-lie
  • Try putting a tennis ball in one leg of an old pair of pantyhose and tie around your waist with the ball at your belly…. You won’t want to roll forward onto it! Tough love but it works.
  • When back-lying, add a pillow under your knees

Let our expert team do a pillow assessment for you to determine what will be a good fit for you! We take measurements, and we take into consideration your comfort preferences, how firm or soft your mattress is, your best sleep positions, how to manage challenges with partner sleeping, and your sleep goals (reduced snoring, reduced low back, hip or knee pain, re-training away from tummy-sleeping which is a sure-fire way to suffer from neck pain and dysfunction).

Let us help you determine your best pillow option!

Email  info{at} or call 416-724-7888 to book your pillow consultation today!

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