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Modern Day Slavery? Thank you for making a difference!

Thank you for helping Courtyard Chiropractic raise over $1000 & contributing to the Free Them Freedom Walk benefiting Aurora House. We have collectively raised over $90,000 and counting!

What Are We Talking About?

Human Trafficking; Forced labour; Sale of children; Forced prostitution; Forced marriage; Indentured Servitude

The Facts:

  • There are more than 30 million people in global slavery today…. more then ever in recorded history
  • 87% of those trafficked in Canada are Canadians.
  • The average age of entry into forced prostitution and exploitation in Canada is 13 years old.
  • The two most prevalent forms of human trafficking in Canada are forced labor and forced prostitution.
  • Globally human trafficking is 150 billion dollar industry per year.

How Might We All Be Unknowingly Contributing?

  • The garment industry is one of the worst offenders of human exploitation, massive pollution & contribution to global climate change.
  • The chocolate we buy to shell out at Halloween often involves child labour (
  • Bottled water, our morning coffee……
  • The workers who harvest, process and distribute our groceries….
  • Who is providing our mani/pedis? Who are our cleaners, construction workers, general labourers, miners of the elements that build our electronic devices

The daily dollars we each spend either pay for abusive, unsustainable and often illegal practices, or they pay for ethical employment, fair wages and sustainable practices.

Read More at the links below: – What is forced labour?
KnowTheChain – Ranking companies’ efforts to address forced labour in their supply chains – 5 Companies That Still Use Slave Labor

How Can We Help?

  • Buy clothing and other items second hand.
  • Research the brands you buy, and allow your $$$ to support ethical and sustainable companies and products.
  • Ask ourselves if we really need an item before we buy it. Reduce, reuse, donate, recycle.
  • Ask our politicians and policymakers what their platforms and policies are regarding these issues.
  • Report suspicious situations and activities by calling 1-833-900-1010 or at
  • Talk about this to your families, friends, co-workers and communities.
  • Plan and participate in awareness and fundraising events.

AuroraHouse | Free-Them Freedom Walk | The Rise Initiative

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