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More Success Stories

“I received orthotics from Dr. Gerber and they are the best ever. Finally I have great support for my fallen arches. I had tried two other places and was not happy. Now my feet are singing Dr. Gerber’s praises. Thanks again”
~ Veronica M.
“Dr. Gerber is very thorough and informative. Very compassionate and understanding, taking time with each patient. I never hesitate to ask questions of what I’m not sure about. She has the magic touch and takes away my pain. Knowing she is there for me anytime.”
~ Barbara B.
“Dr. Gerber is a very caring Chiropractor. She always listens to how I am feeling and seems to know exactly what treatment to use to help me. I am very impressed with the time she spends taking courses to keep her skills current… and most importantly, I LIKE HER!”
~ Linda H.
“I have been seeing Dr. Gerber for several years to help me work out my ‘kinks’. I have never met a more genuine and caring person. Her commitment to the spinal health and general well-being of me and my family is unfailing. She has always been patient, accommodating and punctual (even when I haven’t been), and for those times that I’ve twisted myself into a complete pretzel, she always manages to fit me into her busy patient schedule. And to top it all off, she has a wonderful sense of humour, which makes her even more charming. I know I haven’t said it enough, Kyra, but you are truly wonderful and I would like to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You are one in a million. Thank you.”
~ Nicky L.
“I enjoy my visits to Dr. Gerber’s office. Her positive attitude and holistic approach to healthcare allows me to have confidence in my chiropractic care and to leave each appointment feeling better than when I went in!”
~ Christine A.
“Dr. Gerber is a highly skilled and effective Chiropractor that gives great adjustments without being overly forceful. Kyra is a very caring conscientious individual that has an amazing ability to incorporate great spinal care with individual unique and personal health issues to create an holistic wellness approach. I have become motivated to maintain improved exercise and nutritional health habits.”
~ Frederica J.
“Marla gives me so much more than an awesome massage. She listens to many of my challenges and guides me with an open and caring heart. She is an excellent counselor.”
~ Sarah G.
“Kyra brings to her Chiropractic business not only her expert experience but a unique quality of showing her patients care and compassion. These are qualities that give you an overall sense of well-being after each visit.”
~ Lorna M.
“Dr. Kyra Gerber is AMAZING – I’ve referred a number of our participants to her with great success from all. She’s very authentic and professional.”
~ Nikki K.

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