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Sleepless baby.... Sleepless parents

Sleeping baby

Parents of non-sleeping babies will do ANYTHING to fix the problem…. Why not to the BEST THING? Babies go through a lot, even before their birth into this wild and wonderful world. Near the end of pregnancy, there is less and less room at “The Inn”, especially if Mommy has any spinal, nervous system, pelvic or muscular imbalances that reduce available baby space.Why do you think you keep getting kicked and punched from the inside? And then there’s that whole delivery process, sometimes being unintentionally pulled and jostled, possibly causing unseen imbalances and potential concerns. Removing interference from babies’ Nervous Systems allows for their rest, relax and rejuvenate system (parasympathetic nervous system) to flow well = better sleep (and lots of other benefits) for everyone.

When is the best time to have your babies assessed and make necessary corrections?

  • As soon possible! If you are sitting on a sharp tack, when do you think would be the best time to remove it?

Is Chiropractic Care safe for babies?

  • Absolutely!!
  • After a thorough Well Baby check up, if any corrections are needed, Dr. Kyra will let you know exactly what she is finding along the way, and she will explain and make gentle, precise corrections as they are necessary
  • Research, experience and Practice Member feedback show that chiropractic is effective, specific, safe and gentle
  • You and your children are in the most expert of hands

“Why would I get my baby checked?”

  • Ask most adults…. imbalances get worse over time, not better.
  • It feels so good to have a “Well Baby” check up! Peace of mind is priceless
  • “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree”.  Giving your baby the very best opportunities to grow, develop and THRIVE starts with making sure there is nothing in the way of your fabulous, flourishing, joyful little one’s growth and expansion
  • Interested in healthy neurological development? That IS the nervous system, which is housed in the spine. When we talk spine, nervous system, balance, function, this is what we are talking about. It is what we do, it’s what we are passionate about!
  • Wouldn’t you rather be attending to wellness, nourishment and optimal development rather that trying to correct issues and imbalances that have become significant enough that they are obvious (and often obviously uncomfortable for baby)?


What are Chiropractors checking babies for?

  • Head shape, facial symmetry (Brains need space! Cranial and facial asymmetry can lead to myriad of issues, current and future)
  • Ranges of motion (equal on both sides? restricted in any way? preferential to one side?)
  • Spinal and pelvic alignment and function (sacroiliac joint function, best possible spinal alignment and full vertebral range of motion for nerve communication super highway from the brain to everywhere and back again)
  • Reflexes (any delays or imbalances?), milestones, coordination etc, etc.

What is an adjustment/correction like?

  • Very specific and gentle, like testing the ripeness of a tomato
  • It is often a press and hold technique, VERY different from a teenager or adult

What’s it like for Baby?

  • First of all, Dr. Gerber is uber awesome with babies and kids of all ages! With a life time of wisdom and experience with little ones, 20 years as a family wellness doc and extensive, specific pregnancy/infant/pediatric training, you’re in the best hands!
  • Most of our babes, toddlers and kids do a whole lotta giggling during their assessments and adjustments. Isn’t that the best sound ever? We love it!
  • Often, adjustments will go unnoticed by baby
  •  Children go through all of their ages and stages, so we tailor each visit to what is best

Improvements you may see with care;

  • Reduced colic and irritability
  • Better sleeping, feeding
  • Improved digestion, reduced reflux and spitting up
  • Achievement of milestones
  • Easier nursing, latching and feeding

The following may indicate that your baby is in pain:

  • Your baby likes to be held and cradled and cries when you put them down flat
  • Necks should be floppy from birth so don’t mistake a stiff and sore neck as strong
  • They suddenly hate their baby chair or get restless when they are put down to sleep in their usual position
  • There are lots of pressure marks and stork marks on their body
  • They will only latch or feed on one side
  • They arch their back often, or prefer their legs being straight, maybe with pointed toes

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