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Tasteless vegan food?

Think vegan food is tasteless or bland? When we are used to eating foods higher in sugar, fat and salt, especially processed foods that you could never find in nature, your taste buds may demand a super-food flavor profile not achievable by Mother Nature. We had quite a learning curve at the start of our Vegan journey… Being excited about every aspect of our many revelations, we were passionate about sharing with our friends and family. We hosted several family dinners and brunches with friends. We went to great lengths to with special attention to detail to create fantastic feasts. Much of the feedback we received was generous and heartwarming. Even our self-declared Meat-Eaters really liked the food and the experience. However, some of the responses (more than I would like to admit) were not as positive. Some of the people we fed enjoyed the food but reported subsequent tummy aches and toots. My ego was bruised. I kept trying. And I did some research…

Imagine you have been in a dark theatre at a matinee movie and you walk out into a brilliantly sunny day, your eyes need time to adjust to the bright light. This is neuroadaptation, and your taste buds go through this same process while transitioning towards plant based foods and away from animal fats, protein, salt, oil and sugar! 

Make it easier, more comfortable and tastier. You can learn to use herbs and spices differently to better compliment the foods you are eating. Unless you can’t resist jumping in with both feet, all-or-none style (Like Dr. Kyra and I), a more transitional approach can be helpful. Gradually reducing animal fats, proteins, salt, fat and processed sugar can be a good way to go. This allows you time to find good recipes and resources, enrol family, friends and co-workers, and provides time for your taste buds to adapt to your new approach….

So what about potential bloating, indigestion etc? Our gut flora develops according to our diet so it can digest the foods we are currently eating. If we suddenly amp up our fiber intake which is a huge benefit to plant based eating, our poor bellies may not know what to do with it at first. It takes time to allow our digestive systems to catch up to our dietary intake. If you have persistent issues, there are holistic nutrition experts who can help. The Low FODMAP diet is a temporary elimination diet plan that can be a helpful tool to identify food sensitivities, find out if there are certain carbs your are not currently able to digest, and often allow your reduction. We will be expanding on this soon

I found this to be a great summary explanation of how the transition to Plant Based living whether or not you are interested in a meal planner (though it can be a very useful tool to get into the swing of planning, shopping and cooking ahead.

Mic the Vegan gives a down to earth take on how to prevent bloating:

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