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Think Plant-Based eating is limiting? Think again!

Think Plant-based eating is limited to home cooking? … There are so many options! One fabulous way we have found to get social, really connect with others and foster creativity is to host a Vegan potluck! This allows everyone to focus on contributing one yummy new dish and takes the pressure off of hosting. We have been delightfully surprised at the enthusiastic participation of even our self-identified “meat eater” friends.

If you want to go out on the town, restaurants are really catching on to the Vegan momentum.

  • Fresh Restaurants (not to be confused with Freshii) are Vegan with some vegetarian optional additions.
  • Il Fornello has a whole dedicated vegan menu with gluten free options!
  • District Eatery. We haven’t been there (yet) but it looks great.
  • Pizzeria Libretto has an authentic wood pizza oven with vegan and gluten free pizza options and delicious salads
  • Grasshopper has several locations and styles for asian inspired comfort foods
  • Planta for a special night out
  • The Veggie Thali for awesome vegan Indian cuisine, very casual atmosphere/take out
  • Tabuleh

What are your recommendations??

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