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Transitioning our plates to spring

As we transition to spring, we may benefit from eating in ways that compliment the season… Our bodies function in relation to our external environment, and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and other practices, we can support our primary detoxification organs (liver and gallbladder), clearing our systems, making way for a clean start, healing and rejuvenation. Sprouted foods like greens, grains, lentils and beans are a great way to amp up nutrition and get boosts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Kale sprouts, being highest in antioxidants, have a peppery, fresh taste; sprouted quinoa is delicious and nutritious raw, and cooks so fast it doesn’t get much closer to “instant”; sprouted mung beans are great raw and lightly sauteed on salad or in other dishes. We just soak ours in a bowl for 12 hours, rinse, drain well and return to the same bowl. Rinse 2/day…. They sprout very quickly!

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