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Welcome to Moooovember!

Let’s get Mooooving this Mooovember!

Ask us for details, track your progress and be entered to win a prize at the end of the month.

  • Rechord measurements and/or weight
  • Achievements must be measurable
  • Keep track on your calendar
  • Like Courtyard Chiropractic Health Centre’s Page
  • “Weigh in” on the Facebook conversation
  • Tell us what you did for your chance to win!
  • How many friends and family members can you get Moooving?


If you usually take the elevator to work or home, count the times you take the stairs instead during the month of Moovemeber… Heck, take ‘em twice

How many family members and friends can you get Moooving with you??

Park across the street or parking lot from where you’re going

Do at least 15 min. of Foundation Training 5 days a week

Get on the treadmill or stationary bike while watching your fave show

Eat at the table without distraction (it’s not Moooving, but it’s Mindful!)

Choose yoga, work out, HIIT, swim, walk and talk with a buddy

Run around at the dog park with the dogs, and walk the dog for longer

If you run or power walk, what distance, frequency or speed goals can you reach

We will be Moooving with you…. playing full out! Let’s do this!

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