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Welcome to your VEGANUARY Challenge!

Happy New Year! Thank you for helping to make 2018 a tremendous year of love and learning! As we bring the holiday season to a close, what a wonderful opportunity to take stock of this past year…. offering gratitude and appreciation for all our accomplishments, adventures, growth (sometimes in the form of “growing pains” and joys. What and who are you grateful for?

In celebration of this past year, and in our commitment to support others in their health and development, we have made a donation to ACTS to help provide sustainable systems to bring clean water to Ugandans.

So now what? What is next for you and yours? What new adventures will you create? Would you like to offer service that will bring you fulfillment? What challenges would you like to take on?

Many of you have been asking for your next challenge….. We present VEGANUARY! Whether you choose to take this on for health reasons, to reduce your environmental impact, to help improve animal welfare or to experiment and see how plant-based eating can reduce day to day aches and pains or amp up your athletic performance and recovery time, we invite you to participate in ways that make sense for you. This is not an All or None deal unless you want it to be! Movement towards whole food plant based living is progress.

We are so fortunate that there are so many resources and communities at our finger tips to support every aspect … You Tube videos, blogs, Meet ups, documentaries, restaurants, magazines, Pinterest, social media pages and links.


Like and engage on our Facebook page (Courtyard Chiropractic Health Centre)

Choose how you would like to participate

  • The Gold Star level is accomplishing 22 fully plant-based eating days in January
  • Some people like to change all of one of their meals to vegan, like all breakfasts
  • Vegan weekdays or vegan weekends can work well

Ask others to join you…. Team work can really help! Vegan potlucks can be a fun way to try new recipes and get new ideas

Incorporate ways to make your life easy and delicious, like shopping based on recipes you’ve chosen and prepping ahead, cooking in batches and freezing meals for easy weeknight meals


We will be choosing the challenge winner based on Facebook sharing and participation. Prize TBA


Whatever your reasons, know that your choices make a huge impact, from your close family and friends to local your community to the global community #Sustainability #CrueltyFree #Ecofriendly #Plantbasedathletes


We will be sharing our ideas, and we look forward to hearing about yours! Here is a start:

  • Challenge 22+ is a 22 day Vegan Challenge on Facebook
  • H.O.P.E. What You Eat Matters
  • LiveKindly 2018 Year in Review
  • Earthling Ed
  • Pinterest search “Best vegan” anything to find great recipes
  • Some blogs to look at

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